TPI Golf Fitness with the Vancouver Golf League (VGL)

TPI Golf Fitness with the Vancouver Golf League (VGL)

I was invited by the founders of the Vancouver Golf League (Eddie and Steven) to hang with them and their players at Burnaby Mountain Golf Course.  I brought along TPI Certified physiotherapist extraordinaire, Teresa from Trailside Physiotherapy so we could educate their players on TPI golf fitness and how the system works to improve a player and help them play their best golf.  Click here to take you to our TPI golf fitness page to find out the details on how it works.

I decided to conduct the “Toe Touch Test”, one of the TPI physical screen tests, on Eddie since he mentioned he couldn’t touch his toes.  TPI correlated screen test results with swing faults that a player could have when they swing a golf club.  With a limited toe touch test, one could potentially have C-posture and loss of posture in their golf swing.  C-posture is essentially a rounding of the back on address potentially caused by one’s inability to do T-spine extension or  anterior pelvic tilt, perhaps due to hip mobility/stability issues, or tight hamstrings.  Having C-posture will prevent you from rotating your spine freely and getting a good shoulder turn on the back swing. That could lead to loss of posture during the swing and ultimately poor ball contact.

In the following video I show a simple corrective exercise that could eliminate that particular physical limitation and help remove those swing faults.  Check it out and leave some comments and feedback.

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