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Long Term Athlete Development Program

Our Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) program is designed to provide a progressive framework for the development of every child, youth, and teen to enable optimal participation in physical activity, training, and sport. It takes into account growth, maturation and development, train-ability, and sport system alignment.

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FUNdamentals (ages 5-8)

A group of kids in a circle, doing controlled articular rotations of the hips.Our FUNdamentals stage is the first stage in our LTAD Program at Engineered Bodies. Students in our FUNdamentals stage go through the movement-quality based curriculum and develop their physical literacy, body awareness, coordination, fundamental movement skills, mental focus, and self confidence through engaging movement games, challenges, and play.

Coach Anthony is a strength & conditioning coach, martial arts instructor, and physical educator with over 15 years of coaching and teaching experience with kids in multiple sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, weightlifting, and Ki-Aikido (martial arts).  He designed and taught a movement-quality based physical education curriculum in a five year pilot program at Children of Integrity Montessori Academy (grades K-7).  The program was well received and was a huge success with the students, faculty members, and parents.

Learn to Train (ages 8-14)

Coach watching youth snatchThe purpose of our Learn To Train stage is to educate our students and their parents on how to safely strength train in a gym. When students enter this stage of our LTAD Program, they will learn how to properly execute basic calisthenic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and their progressions.

Students also learn how to properly execute basic barbell movements like squats, deadlifts, and even more technical movements like the snatch and clean and jerk using dowels and light weights.Students learn about basic anatomy and physiology, the importance of healthy joint mobility, and the purpose and benefits of strength training in the gym. They also learn mobility exercises that will help to improve their flexibility and mobility and help them mitigate injury.  

Students will learn proper training etiquette and how to log and track their own training sessions and progress. The Learn To Train stage teaches students how to focus their minds, be present, and develop qualities like resilience and perseverance. This is true physical education that will give your child the best possible foundation no matter what sport or activity they decide to take on as they mature.

Train to Compete (ages 14-17)

Student athletes who enter into our final stage of our LTAD program are experienced with strength training in the gym and compete in their desired sport at a high level. The purpose of this stage of their development is to train in the gym to increase and improve specific fitness characteristics like muscular strength, muscular endurance, and power output which increases their capacity to be able to express movement in their desired sport. Students follow their own customized training programs designed by EB strength coaches that are specific to their goals. Students then train alongside other student athletes of different sports which means volleyball players, soccer players, basketball players, and weightlifters train alongside each other making it an engaging and exciting training environment.

Student athletes that wish to enter into this stage who haven’t come through our other LTAD stages must take between 6-12 private sessions with one of our experienced strength coaches before being admitted into our Train To Train & Compete stage, or have been training in the Learn to Train program. These private sessions are very important for our coaches to be able to assess the new student athlete’s weaknesses, training experience, and to teach them how to execute the exercises they will train in this program.



  • Ages 5-8
  • Sundays at 10:30 am

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Learn to Train

  • Ages 8-14
  • Access to all Learn to Train class times (3 times/week)

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Train to Train & Compete

  • Ages 14-17
  • Access to all T2T training times
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