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Whether you’re a gym rookie or a seasoned athlete, our client intake process for our Functional Fitness program is designed to set you up with the best possible foundation from which you will start building your fitness.

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I'm new to Functional Fitness

If you have never done Functional Fitness before or you’re relatively new to strength & conditioning training, then your first step is joining our Functional Fitness Kickstart program. 

The Kickstart programs is scheduled every month during the last two weeks of that month and includes six semi-private sessions. The Kickstart program provides access to Social Saturdays and Handstands Practice classes. As a brand new client, you will learn alongside others in a friendly group environment to ensure that you’re equipped with the knowledge to start training in our community group class setting.

STEP 1: Consultation

Book a consultation in the box below to start the process as a rookie member. You’ll then receive a questionnaire from us asking you about your goals, lifestyle, your injury history and your experience with training. You’ll fill out the questionnaire and send it back to us prior to your consultation. At your consultation, we’ll go over your questionnaire answers and we’ll answer any questions you may have about the Kickstart Program, classes, or anything else.

STEP 2: Functional Fitness Kickstart Program

Our Kickstart program consists of 6 semi-private sessions. In this friendly group environment, you will learn how to correctly perform the basic exercises we use in our Functional Fitness group classes. Don’t have a pull-up for example? No worries! You will learn your appropriate progression for any specific movements that you may not have as you work towards your fitness goals. Every Kickstart class begins by teaching you generalized mobilization exercises. 

  • Session 1: The Deadlift
  • Session 2: Calisthenics (push/pull)
  • Session 3: The Squat
  • Session 4: Weightlifting 101
  • Session 5: Functional Fitness Essentials
  • Session 6: Kettlebells 101

STEP 3: Schedule your training and GET TO WORK!

Once you’ve completed all six of your Kickstart sessions, you will have be able to access our Functional Fitness membership and our full training schedule!  

A certified and experienced coach lead all Functional Fitness group classes. Functional Fitness members also receive access to the whole Functional Fitness training program through a mobile app we use called TrainHeroic. The TrainHeroic mobile app is essentially your personal training log book where you record all your weights, notes, and workout results. Keep working on it and you’ll get that first pull-up, first push-up, or lift more weight than you ever thought you could. The training program is designed to be fun, challenging, and encouraging as you will develop camaraderie with your fellow gym members that will help motivate you and push you as you work towards your fitness goals. 

As you can see, our rookie client intake process is designed specifically to help ease you into our training process while educating you on principles to help mitigate your risk to injury, educate you on creating healthy habits to support your training, educate you on how to perform basic exercises and what progressions are appropriate for your level, and to give you confidence for when you start training on your own. Our program is not designed to leave you completely dead each session as there is no value in that.



Functional Fitness Kickstart

  • 6 semi-private sessions
  • Access to Social Saturday & Handstand classes
$100/6 sessions

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Are you an experienced CrossFitter?

Have you been doing CrossFit/Functional Fitness consistently for over 6-months at a CrossFit affiliate and you’re looking for a new home?  We’d love to have you join our community so we designed a Seasoned Athlete Membership and process that will help seasoned CrossFitters transition into their new home at Engineered Bodies.

Book a consultation here to start the process as a seasoned athlete member.  You’ll then receive a questionnaire from us asking you about your goals, lifestyle, your injury history and your experience with training.  You’ll fill out the questionnaire and send it back to us prior to your consultation. At your consultation, we’ll go over your questionnaire answers and answer any questions you may have. Once you’ve decided to commit and purchase the Seasoned Athlete membership, you’ll be good to go and ready to jump in and start training.

If you’re an experienced CrossFitter with a membership at another affiliate and you’d like to visit, please contact us. 



Seasoned Athletes

  • Access to Independent Training times
  • Includes Functional Fitness programming


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many days is the programming for Functional Fitness?
A: The Functional Fitness program is 5x training sessions per week and typically has a split of lower body days and upper body days with a mix of various aerobic conditioning workouts.

Q: Is it good to work out 5 days a week following the Functional Fitness program?
A: Yes! Our Functional Fitness program is programmed in a way that will allow you to adequately recover from the previous sessions and so you can make long-term gains. If you’re new or have been away from training for a while, we recommend you start out with 3x training sessions at first and slowly add additional training days as your body adapts to the training stimulus.

Q: Will following the Functional Fitness program help me achieve my specific goals (e.g. strict ring muscle-up, increase my snatch and clean & jerk total, achieve a freestanding handstand, eliminate nagging injuries, etc.)?
A: Not exactly. Functional Fitness programming is designed to be general in nature and will not address an individual’s specific weaknesses or assist them in achieving any specific goals. Following the Functional Fitness program consistently will improve your general strength and general cardiovascular endurance which will increase your capacity to do more in your daily life.

Q: What if I have more specific goals and individual weaknesses I want to improve?
A: The most appropriate thing to do in this case is to choose the Custom Program membership so that a coach can design you a program that will identify your specific weaknesses and mobility limitations, and assist you in achieving your specific training goals.

Q: Can I try a Functional Fitness class to see if I like it?
A: No, we do not offer free trials for our Functional Fitness program simply because we do not know your training experience, how you move, or your medical/injury history. We have valued members who have taken the time to go through our intake process and deserve their coach's time and attention in the class.

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