Enjoy the process of continuous evolution and personal growth

Humble beginning, same core values

Engineered Bodies Core ValuesIntegrity
Engineered Bodies Core ValuesCommitment to Quality
Engineered Bodies Core ValuesCommitment to Continued Education & Growth
Engineered Bodies Core ValuesCommitment to building a Strong Community

Engineered Bodies began as a mobile personal training company in the Tri-Cities in 2010. We had just a handful of clients at the time as we trained clients out of various recreation centres and parks. We always had aspirations of doing more so we kept grinding, connecting, and working towards our goals.

In late 2012, we found a garage space in Port Moody, built our facility, and opened our doors in January 2013.

Our core values since our humble beginnings are: integrity, commitment to quality, commitment to continued education and growth, and commitment to building a strong community. Over the years we’ve continued to embody our core values to provide quality service for our members while cultivating a community that’s quality-minded, supportive, and strong.

We will continue to raise our own bar, learn, evolve, and grow together along with our community. We hope you’ll join us and enjoy the process of your own continuous development and personal growth.

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