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Commitment to Quality

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Commitment to continued education and growth

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Commitment to building a strong community

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We offer a complete training system. Our memberships include:

Personal training, Movement Fundamentals (MoFun),

Kinstretch & Movement class, weightlifting class, & CrossFit.

Our process starts with a complimentary 60 minute consultation.

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Our Team

Founder, CSCS
Primal Health Coach
CrossFit Coach
Kinstretch Instructor
CrossFit & Gymnastics Coach
Corporate Wellness Coach
Registered Massage Therapist


Engineered Bodies is the only place where I’ve felt like I can improve myself every day, just by showing up. It’s not just a gym – it’s a community where support, friendship and excellent coaching come together to make you grow…

-Jane H

I was a member of Engineered Bodies for about a year before recently moving to Calgary, and now that I’ve experienced a couple different CrossFit boxes I’ve realized just how good I had it at EB. The quality of coaching you get really is phenomenal…

-Mike T

In 2013, I was starting a new chapter in my life after returning to Vancouver from over a decade living in Australia. I wanted to renew myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I had gotten a taste of CrossFit during my final months in Australia, so I googled “CrossFit” and walked to the closest pin on the map: Engineered Bodies. 4 and half years later, I’ve transformed myself…


-Duncan S

In my early 40’s and having waited for both my children to be at school before pursuing an all-round fitness program, I was keen to find somewhere that would meet my needs (no experience of strength training, lacking motivation, unsure CrossFit would suit me, etc). I saw the Google reviews for Engineered Bodies – which seemed too good to be true – threw caution to the wind …

-Samantha B

I joined Engineered Bodies 5 months ago. Prior, I tried different gyms and exercise programs but I was not consistent or motivated to stick to any one thing. Originally, the thought of doing Cross Fit really intimidated me! Anthony Is very knowledgeable on fitness and health and his coaching team are the real deal…

-Carollyne S

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