Samantha Agtarap Samantha is Engineered Bodies’ health coach and a passionate advocate for locally grown and raised whole foods and regenerative agriculture. Samantha became interested in health, stress and the role of food after losing her father to a sudden heart attack in 2000. She has explored and studied meditation and Ki training, spent countless hours researching food and its interactions with health, as well as experimenting in the kitchen. She is a Certified Primal Health Coach.

The way you eat can heal your body and mind, and have a positive impact on climate change as well as supporting your local economy.

Samantha is also a mechanical engineer and works in the field of climate change, sustainability and energy planning. She still works on engineering projects occasionally, while pursuing her passion of helping people make significant and lasting changes in their life through food and lifestyle. She has also attended the Ido Portal Corset Seminar. In 2017, she attended the Ancestral Health Symposium in Seattle.

If you are stuck in your habits, think you are too busy to make positive lifestyle changes, or just haven’t seen the physical results you would like just through exercise, Samantha will work with you to uncover the barriers you are experiencing. Learn more about health coaching and book an appointment today.

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