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Engineered Bodies in-house corporate health and wellness services

Access the expertise of our coaches without leaving the workplace with our in-house corporate health and wellness services!

Each and every one of your employees plays an extremely important role in ensuring that your business is sustainable and successful. Employees who are happy, healthy, injury-free, and engaged has a positive effect on the workplace. This in turn affects the profitability of your company. Engineered Bodies understands your needs as a company; our Corporate Services programs can help boost your company’s bottom line by ensuring that your team is happy, healthy, injury-free, and engaged.

Corporate health educational workshops

We can teach your people to be healthy and safe at work with interactive workshops that provide your people with “good to know” information, as well as concrete action steps as well as strategies on how to create new, lasting, healthy behaviours. Knowledge is useless without action, after all!

Topics include:

  • Body mechanics at work
  • Mobility/flexibility to mitigate injury on the job
  • Paleo/ancestral nutrition
  • Custom topics to suit your needs

Corporate Fitness Services

Optimize employee performance, productivity, and safety by keeping them healthy and fit at the workplace. Our in-house fitness services include:

  • CARs classes,
  • Mobility and Movement classes,
  • Kinstretch classes,
  • Personal training,
  • Active rehab and work conditioning with a Kinesiologist,
  • Customized fit-to-work (pre-placement) screening,
  • Job demands analysis, and
  • Gradual return to work planning.

Contact us to discuss bespoke options for your workplace.

Corporate Services

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