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This class welcomes anyone who might be interested in powerlifting.

Coach instructing athlete on correct technique for split squat with kettlebells.Our Powerlifting program focuses on building absolute strength using the squat, bench press and deadlift while building muscle mass to support heavier weights. You will also learn accessory exercises to assist in building strength in the three main lifts of powerlifting.

Our COVID-compliant, individualized, training environment welcomes anyone who might be interested in powerlifting, either as a recreational activity or to compete in the sport. This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to get stronger in basic lifts as these basic lifts are the foundation for more advanced movements like the snatch and clean and jerk. Powerlifting is for all adults - your age does not matter.

How to get started:

All members new to our WeightliftingPowerlifting and Custom Programs start with three private On-Boarding sessions. The first On-Boarding session is a full-body joint mobility assessment designed to assess your joint health and joint function and prescribe interventions to help improve any specific limitations you may have. We need to ensure your body can get into the positions needed to perform the exercises you will see in your training program.

In your remaining two sessions, your coach will teach you how to properly execute the technique for all the exercises and progressions you will see in your training program.

Once you’ve completed the 3 On-Boarding, private sessions with your coach, you will get access to your specific program via the TrainHeroic mobile app. You can then register for the training times that work for you in our schedule using a different app called ZenPlanner.  All training times are coached by our experienced coaches so you can be confident your training is guided and purposeful as you train towards your goals.

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On-Boarding Sessions

  • On-boarding for Weightlifting, Powerlifting programs
  • 3 private sessions
  • Includes assessment

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  • Access to Powerlifting Training (3/week) 
  • Access to Independent Training (1/week)
  • Includes PL programming

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many days is the programming for powerlifting?
A: The powerlifting program is 3x training sessions per week meaning there is no need to train additional days if you’re following that program. Ideally, these three training sessions per week can be scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for example.

Q: What if I want to train more than 3x training sessions per week? 

A: Included in the powerlifting membership is access to our Mobility and Movement classes scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am and Sunday at noon. Scheduling a Sunday Movement class, for example, would be a good 4th session in the week and would complement the 3x/week powerlifting programming very well.

Q: What is the difference between the powerlifting training and Independent Training?
A: Powerlifting training is the training program specific to that program. The powerlifting programs are communicated to members via the TrainHeroic mobile app.  All Independent Training times is where you train your powerlifting program in a group setting under the guidance and coaching of the coach scheduled for that hour.  For each Independent Training hour attended, you will have the peace of mind that every rep you train as you follow the powerlifting program has a purpose and know that an experienced coach is there to coach you on your technique, appropriate loading, and provide any other coaching necessary for you in that Independent Training hour.

Our Independent Training times are simply “class times” where you’d train your specific program alongside members who may have different memberships from you. For example, at any one particular Independent Training time you register for, there may be clients in attendance with their own custom programs, clients following the Functional Fitness program, clients who are competitive weightlifters following a competition preparation program, and clients following the powerlifting program. It creates an interesting and diverse environment where everyone is working on their own goals in a positive and encouraging group setting.

Q: What if I want to train powerlifting more than the pre-designed 3x training sessions per week because I have specific goals?
A: The most appropriate thing to do in this case is to choose the Custom Program membership so that a coach can design you a program that will best fit your training availability and better assist you in achieving your specific powerlifting goals.
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