Focus on You and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Focus on You and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The holiday season can definitely feel like a time where it seems like we’re having to please everyone else.  Perhaps you know the feeling and have said “we have to go to see so and so and after that we have to go see this person” or “I can’t believe all these Christmas parties that we have to go to this year!”. It can be quite draining and we all hear a lot of people say they need a holiday after the holiday season.

Well that’s over now!  The new year has begun and it’s time to get back to focusing on YOU.  Have you thought about your own goals for this quarter?  These goals may be mobility focused, strength and performance focused, or even lifestyle focused (e.g. managing busy schedule, nutrition).  What ever you choose, the goal must be meaningful and specific to you or you’re not going to care or work hard to achieve it.

Many of you that know your goals have already approached us on your own requesting us to design you a training plan and strategy for you to work on to achieve your goal.  By now we’ve either met with you and/or sent you emails that provide guidelines and structure for you to be able to achieve your goals this quarter.  For those of you who aren’t yet sure of your goal, our door is always open so please feel free to connect with us to book a meeting and we’ll gladly help you come up with realistic and meaningful goals for you to strive for.  You’re 100% more likely to be successful if you have a specific purpose you’re training for and you have a plan and support to help you achieve it.  This is why determining a goal that’s meaningful to you is such an important first step.

So now you have a training focus and plan of attack!  Now it’s time to put in the work and guess what?  It’s not going to be easy.  You’re going to have to get used to the idea that you will be uncomfortable.  Being uncomfortable is a normal feeling for when you’re actually growing.  Maybe you’re a person who has been consistently attending classes 3x/week but you feel like you haven’t been improving.  I would say it’s because you’ve gotten into a comfort zone and you’re likely not pushing yourself hard enough during class when you’re instructed to or you’re comfortable with training only those three days per week and won’t make the jump to more training frequency.  Maybe you’re comfortable not working on your weaknesses.  For example, mobility work.  Mobility can be very uncomfortable but the reward for doing this uncomfortable work is massive!

Getting out of your comfort zone could be a goal for some of you to work towards this quarter.  Let us know if this is you and you need help. You can get through this because someone else in the world with the exact same problems as you was able to get out of their comfort zone and achieve their own next level.

Here’s some great insight into this topic in a blog post from a guy who knows what it means to be uncomfortable.  Olympian and EB client, Ben Saxton.

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