FMS Workshop With lululemon At Coquitlam Center

FMS Workshop With lululemon At Coquitlam Center

In the past year, I’ve provided lululemon and their guests with circuit classes that definitely challenged their physical capacity like muscular strength, flexibility, endurance (movement-quantity applications) but this time I wanted to provide them with something that would screen their quality of movement.

Yesterday morning, Aaron, Jon, Adam, and I went to lululemon to deliver a Functional Movement Systems (FMS) workshop for the staff and guests of lululemon Coquitlam at Coquitlam Center.  We broke up into three groups and provided FMS screens, assessments, and corrective exercises.  The purpose of the workshop was to educate participants about the FMS, the benefits of FMS, and how it can be integrated into their current training program.  In the short time we had, we also wanted to show that positive change can be made in a physical limitation if the correct exercise is prescribed and performed properly.  After the corrective exercise portion of the workshop, people who couldn’t touch their toes could and those with shoulder mobility limitations felt more opened up.  Everybody experienced some degree of positive change so that’s a step in the right direction.

Not one participant had ever heard of FMS prior to this workshop.   Based on the feedback and reaction of the group after the workshop, it was clear they were made believers of the system.  We also emailed each participant a corrective exercise package so that they can each practice and incorporate what they learned right away.

Big thanks to lululemon Coquitlam for bringing us in to provide this unique and valuable experience to your team and guests.  See you at the next one we put on.

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