Featured Athlete – Jessica Hulsman

Featured Athlete – Jessica Hulsman

This is the first of our quarterly feature on a special athlete at Engineered Bodies / CrossFit Port Moody.  We have a great community of people here – we are an extended family!  This is our opportunity to showcase the fantastic people we have here.

Many of you already know Jess as she is the friendly blonde that can found in the gym five to six times a week.  She also happens to be our very first CrossFit client.  She found us through Google and came in for a screen and consult while we were still setting up the equipment back in February!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jess and getting to know her even better.  Here’s our interview.

Engineered Bodies S&C: How did you end up at Engineered Bodies / CrossFit Port Moody? 

Jess warming up.

Jess warming up.

Jessica H: My friends had recommended CrossFit and had great results.  When they talked about it, I felt inspired by their words.  I had been doing a regular routine at a gym but had not connected to it and was bored.  I was looking for something different and I was drawn to the team aspect of CrossFit.  I wasn’t seeing any change from working out three times a week and running five times a week and I was frustrated.  I wanted to see real results and do something for me that I could truly connect with.  I just wanted to feel strong and fit again – I had felt that once after my son Boedy was born.  I wanted to work hard at something I loved again.  I had lost that feeling – I was working hard, but not loving it.  I am doing this for me.



EBSC: What has been your greatest challenge in the gym?

JH: To continue to going.  When you are tired it’s hard to go another day – tough to go that fifth or sixth day.  Working hard when you’re tired is also challenging and the negative self talk that leaves you wondering if you put everything into your workout.

EBSC: What is your greatest success at the gym?

JH: Showing up five or six days! Working hard when not feeling like it.  Challenging myself with heavier weights.  Being ok with my output given everything going on in my day. Doing the best I can, knowing that the best today is not necessarily the best tomorrow.

EBSC: What do you like best about Engineered Bodies / CrossFit Port Moody?

JH: The people, without question. I feel a sense of family.  As I drive up to the gym, I feel an increase in positivity even if I am already in a great mood.  Also, there is no better feeling than completing a difficult workout.

I also like that we are taught how to do the movements correctly, focussing on correct technique.  We take time learning correct form first before diving in and potentially injuring ourselves.

EBSC: What’s one piece of advice to people thinking about doing CrossFit at Engineered Bodies / CrossFit Port Moody?

JH: You have to try it to know if you’ll like it.  If you are looking to challenge yourself, get outside your comfort zone or get results that you have never seen before, you have to give it a shot. And have fun!

EBSC: Tell us about three defining moments in your life…

JH: I used to play soccer competitively – I loved it – and CrossFit has revived that passion.  In Grade 10, I started training for the Canada Games Team.  I played centre-mid and I was kind of middle of the pack [in terms of natural talent].  There was a tournament in Newfoundland and only a certain number of girls could go.  I was the next one on the list – I didn’t make the cut but had expected to because of my hard work.  There was one last practice before they left for the tournament and I told my coach I wasn’t going to attend since I wasn’t going on the trip.  In the end, I did go to the practice and I was rewarded for my hard work – my coach took me on the trip, against the tournament rules and I got to play too.  It taught me perseverance, determination and drive.  I went on to play for the Canada Games team – years of hard work, drive, determination, commitment and consistency got me there.  CrossFit is similar – you have to commit, work hard and be consistent, and the results will come.

I’m from New Brunswick, born and raised.  I left at 21 with a suitcase, $500 cash, a ticket to New York, and a job there.

Taking Boedy at 9 months old to meet my sister Katherine in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, Bryon Bay, Australia.  Seeing my younger sister hold my son for the first time was pretty special.

Thanks for sitting down with me, Jess!  We are looking forward to many more of your successes!

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