Private Coaching

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Our private coached sessions are designed for individuals who are not necessarily looking to join a group class training environment and have very specific training needs.  Individuals that choose to do private coaching may have significant health or movement issues which cause chronic pains so they need private attention.


Our process starts with a FMS movement screen during your consultation.  With the results of your FMS screen, we will guide you in the process that may include sessions is designed specifically to correct potential faulty and dysfunctional movement patterns.  These are the most important sessions because we need to ensure you possess the fundamental movement prerequisites to help mitigate your risk of injury and promote durability as you continue your fitness journey.  If movement is dysfunctional, all things built on that dysfunction will be flawed, compromised, or predisposed to risk of injury.  It’s this first step in our training process that makes us unique and gives us the reputation in the industry as the premier training facility in the Tri-Cities that focuses on quality movement first.  Our process has proven itself over the years since 2012 with clients from all walks of life from complete beginner, to experienced, to professional athlete.

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Note: If you have achieved the minimum level of movement quality, have completed at least six (6) one-on-one coaching sessions, and with your coaches approval, you are eligible to participate and try out our CrossFit group classes and Movement Classes for the duration of your one-on-one package.


You’re paying good money for one-on-one coaching so we don’t believe in making you pay extra to join our group classes.


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