Team Strength & Conditioning

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Individual Athlete & Team Strength & Conditioning Programs


Over the years, we’ve had the honour of working with many sports teams and individual athletes ranging from regional level all the way to national level.  Our training philosophy and approach is no different to how we train all of our clients in that we believe in educating athletes on the importance of healthy joint function and getting stronger as functioning human beings before getting after it on the field as specialized players.

2016 Olympian Ben Saxton (Beach Volleyball) and 2018 Commonwealth Games athlete Mike Bencsik (Weightlifting)

We offer a variety of services for athletes that play individual sports or who play on sports teams.


Team Functional Movement Screening (FMS)


We have conducted FMS screens for many teams we’ve worked with over the years.  Our team comes in and conducts FMS screens on all of your athletes.  This FMS screen can be done at the same time your team runs their practice.  We then compile the data from each athlete, create a summary report, and provide our expert recommendation to improve each athlete for the coaches and parents.

Conducting FMS screens on Field Hockey BC Teams

Team Kinstretch & Movement Classes


Our unique Kinstretch & Movement class incorporate a variety of methods and techniques including Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Ido Portal Method, and Kinstretch. The classes are specifically designed to:

  • Improve the athlete’s flexibility (passive range of motion)
  • Improve the athlete’s mobility (active range of motion)
  • Improve articular joint function and joint health so they can move better
  • Develop tissue resilience to mitigate the severity of an injury
  • Educate the athlete on how improve their own mobility in their life

Complete Team Training System


We offer a complete training system for athletes that play individual sports or who play on sports teams.  Our complete team training system starts with a team Kinstretch class.  In this class we teach the athletes the importance of joint health and joint function in mitigating the severity of injury when training or playing their activity.  Our certified coaches can also assess each athlete and recommend a full Functional Range Assessment (FRA) to any athletes with noticeable joint mobility issues.   Our system utilizes Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) principles which are the latest advancements in scientific knowledge combined with tried and tested training methods.   We also teach our athletes how to properly execute strength training exercises in the gym and we create athlete-specific training programs to improve specific characteristics that the athlete needs to improve.

Our complete team training system creates athletes who have increased active, useable ranges of motion, improved articular joint mobility, increased strength and resilience, and neurological control.

Functional Range Conditioning, Kinstretch, and tried and tested strength and conditioning practices we use are also currently being used by the following amateur and professional sports teams.

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