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CrossFit Group Classes!


We offer CrossFit classes under the affiliate name CrossFit Port Moody.  Our clients’ movement quality is our top priority which is why our new client intake process begins with complimentary consultation that includes a Functional Movement Screen and not a free workout.  When you become a member, you get a complete training system that includes personal training, unlimited CrossFit classes, and unlimited access to Kinstretch & Movement class, and Weightlifting class.  We think you’ll appreciate our approach to CrossFit and we look forward to having you a part of our amazing and supportive community.

Are You New To CrossFit?

If you’re brand new to CrossFit you will go through our new client intake process designed to set you up with the best possible foundation at which you will start building your fitness on.


Step 1:  Complimentary consultation:


Our intake process has your best interest in mind as it starts off with a complimentary consultation where we learn about you, your fitness goals, your training availability, and injury history.  We’ll also conduct a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to establish a baseline of your movement quality and give us an idea of your risk to injury before you start your fitness journey.  Based on the information we collect we will then prescribe you with the most appropriate starting point specific to you.


Step 2: Private assessment sessions:


If you haven’t moved in a while and you know you have some tightness or if you intermittently feel some discomfort during certain movements, the results of your FMS screen will indicate that.  The next step would be to work with our one of our qualified coaches in private assessment sessions so we can assess your joints and soft tissues and determine the true reason for your mobility limitations.  At the end of these assessment sessions, you will be provided with individualized mobility exercises that you will do to help normalize your movement and improve your movement quality when compared to your baseline FMS results.  While you’re working with your coach on your individualized mobility exercises, you have access to all of the Kinstretch & Movement classes in our schedule which will speed up the process and really get you ready for the next step.


Step 3: Movement Fundamentals (MoFun) Classes:


Our Movement Fundamentals (MoFun) Program consists of the following 6 sessions.  In a private or semi-private setting of no more than 6 individuals, you will learn how to correctly perform the basic exercises we use in our CrossFit classes.  Don’t have a pull-up for example?  No worries!  In our MoFun classes, you will learn your appropriate progression for any specific movements that you may not have as you work towards your fitness goals.


  • Session 1: The Deadlift 
  • Session 2: Bent Arm Strength (Pushing & Pulling)
  • Session 3: The Squat
  • Session 4: Weightlifting 101
  • Session 5: CrossFit Essentials
  • Session 6: Kettlebells 101


Once you’ve passed our MoFun classes our coaches will have all the information they need to formulate the most appropriate training plan and schedule for you to execute that will help you achieve your fitness goals.  You will also have access to our full class schedule!  In our CrossFit classes everyone performs the same workout of the day (WOD) in a coached group setting and you will train your specific exercise progression on the movements prescribed in the class.  Keep working on it and you’ll get that first pull-up, first push-up, or lift more weight than you ever thought you could.  These classes are designed to be fun, challenging, and encouraging as you will develop camaraderie with your class mates that will help motivate you and push you as you work towards your fitness goals.  Get ready to move like you’ve never moved before!!



Are You An Experienced CrossFitter?

If you belong to a CrossFit affiliate, been doing CrossFit for at least 12 months, and you want to drop in and join us on a challenge WOD, click below and follow the steps to join us!  We look forward to you connecting with you and having you experience what we do at Engineered Bodies.



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