FMS Workshops!

FMS Workshops!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the website but it’s been a very busy last couple of months as I did another engineering work assignment in Xi’an, China and more importantly, I’ve been working hard to set up a very special kind of workshop that we’d like to provide to the masses.  If you’ve been following our blog post, we talk a lot about Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and how these systems are the base of our training philosophy.  It’s important for us as strength coaches to understand what your physical baseline is in order determine if you have the physical prerequisites to start a strength and conditioning program.  FMS allows us to do that in a systematic, repeatable, and efficient way.

What that means for you is:

  1. Increased mobility and stability which means a more efficiently moving body.
  2. Increased athletic performance and power output.
  3. Greatly reduce the chance of injury.

Even if you’re not a full blown athlete like a Crossfitter or a seasoned basketball player you’re going to benefit from these systems because you’re going to feel better overall.  These systems benefit anybody who like to move.

Over the course of the next few months we’re going to be putting on group FMS workshops where we’re going to come into your facility and provide the following for your staff and clients:

  1. FMS physical screens.
  2. Physical assessments on your movement patterns.
  3. Corrective exercises (that you take home with you)
  4. Consultation and integration strategies on how to integrate this into your current programming.

The first one will be next weekend at lululemon Coquitlam Center and from what I understand it’s already filled out.  Perhaps we’ll get an opportunity to do another one with lululemon in the near future to cover the demand.  After this one, we’re going to be providing our FMS workshops to some local Crossfit boxes.  Stay tuned as we may be coming to your facility soon.



Here are some pictures from a recent FMS session that we conducted:

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