Youth Weightlifting

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The purpose of our Youth Weightlifting program is to educate our students and their parents on the many benefits of strength training and weightlifting and how they transfer to every sport your child may play.  Coach Anthony is an experienced NCCP, Weightlifting Club Coach and physical educator at Children of Integrity Montessori Academy.  He has designed a curriculum that focusses on teaching students how to properly execute basic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, as well the snatch and clean and jerk.


Students learn weightlifting training etiquette, the rules of the sport of weightlifting, and how to log and track their own training sessions and progress.  Our classes teach students how to focus their minds and be present, and develop qualities resilience and perseverance.  Students also learn about basic anatomy and the importance of healthy joint mobility.  They also learn specific mobility exercises that will help to improve their flexibility and mobility and help them mitigate injury.

Engineered Bodies has the largest Youth Weightlifting program in the Lower Mainland and we continue to grow.  Give your child the best possible opportunity to create a solid foundation as they grow older.  If you’re an physical educator and would like us to come in to your school and teach our program to your students, we can accommodate that too.

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