You only have 30 minutes

You only have 30 minutes

A lot of people use time as an excuse for not starting an exercise regime, or not getting their workout in for the day.  Well, here’s a sample workout that anybody can do in 30 minutes that will be more than enough to challenge every muscle in your body and rev up your metabolism for the rest of the day; all you need is a pair of relatively light dumbells and your body weight.  Do each set of exercises three times before taking a brief rest and moving on to the next set.  For extra motivation, you can divide the workout into ten minute segments and challenge yourself to complete each set within ten minutes.

Set 1 (Bodyweight):
20 Military Pushups
20 Prisoner’s Squats
20 Mountain Climbers

Set 2 (Weighted with Lighter Dumbells):
12 Straight Legged Deadlift + Row
12 Curl + Press
12 Squat Jumps

Set 3 (Weighted with Lighter Dumbells):
12 Static Lunges (each leg)
12 Dumbell Core Rows (each arm)
12 Burprees

Give it a shot! Who says you need a full hour for a good workout?

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