Working with Zibby Golf up at Westwood Plateau Academy today.

Working with Zibby Golf up at Westwood Plateau Academy today.

This year I have the privilege to be working with Dave Zibrik from Zibby Golf with his elite high-performance junior golf athletes.  I’ll be their TPI Certified golf-specific fitness instructor.  We work up at Westwood Plateau Golf Academy located in Coquitlam BC and today I went up there to take some pictures of us working with a couple of our top junior players.

The junior golf season up at the Plateau starts up very soon (April 1st) so that means we’re currently working on fitness maintenance (stability, mobility, balance, and flexibility).  Essentially keeping them from injury.  Since golf is typically played one-sided (i.e. primarily left-handed or right-handed), it’s important that we incorporate exercises that ensure they’re balanced from a functional movement perspective.

What I thought was interesting today was how Dave was working on the mental aspect of the game and had them really thinking about one thing while they practiced.  That “one thing” could be focusing on a specific target throughout the entire swing or thinking about a song in your head while you swing.  If your mind stopped thinking about that one thing and jumped to another thought, then it showed that you were not in control of your mind.  The junior athletes were able to determine for themselves when their minds wandered.  That in itself is a great achievement.  Their mental control will only get better with these teachings and the byproduct will be better-played golf.

It’s great to hear a golf teacher talk of the power of the mind and incorporating that into the game of golf.  I’m also a Ki-Aikido instructor with the Vancouver Ki Society and we learn about controlling our minds and teaching others to do the same during their daily lives.  This will be great for our junior players not only as golfers but as individuals growing up.

Take a look at a few pics from the day.

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