Win Your Spot to our CrossFit Kickstart Program

Win Your Spot to our CrossFit Kickstart Program

Our 4 week CrossFit Kickstart program is for you if:

* You’re a beginner,  is curious about CrossFit, and maybe a bit nervous of jumping right into it,

* You’re interested in improving their health and fitness but wants to learn how to do it correctly and safely,

* You value the importance of quality instruction from educated and experienced coaches,

* You are interested in meeting new like-minded people to train with because your current fitness routine is boring, demotivating, and lacks a community element.


Our CrossFit Kickstart program is 2x/week and will be held on Tuesday and Thursday at 7am.  Coach Anthony will teach Tuesday and Coach Heather will teach the Thursday class.  In each of the 8 semi-private sessions, you will experience all of the awesome content from all of the classes that we offer here at Engineered Bodies.  You will learn:

* full body joint mobility protocols similar to what we teach in Mobility & Movement Class.  These protocols will help you learn how to assess you own movement quality and which exercises and drills will help you improve how you move over time,

*how having more “movement variability” is a good thing and how it relates to physical performance that’s sustainable,

*how to correctly execute basic exercise movement patterns and progressions which will help you build strength in a safe and effective manner,

*how to increase your cardiovascular endurance effectively,

*the Engineered Bodies training philosophy and how we program CrossFit for long term and sustainable fitness gains.

*how to start the process of creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

In addition to these 8 semi-private classes, participants will also receive access to the Saturday classes Community Crush or Social Saturday, and a $25 gift card to RYU Apparel.

This all for only $199.   Purchase your spot right now here

We only launched this CrossFit Kickstart program a few days ago and it’s almost already sold out.  The program starts this Tuesday, June 6 and you can win your way into the program by entering our contest here:

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