Why You Need To Compete? (part 2)

Why You Need To Compete? (part 2)

Committing to train for a competition has multiple benefits and in part 1 of this series, I discussed how it benefits your mind and your ability to control it.  When your training provides an opportunity to train your mind to become stronger, your body naturally follows.

2.  Your technique will improve & you will get stronger

Coaches are a big reason why your technique and strength improves as they know your weaknesses and force you to improve them.  They monitor your progress and performance every training session and they create a program specific to your needs so that you can perform the best you can on competition day.  A good coach will let you know if your technique is looking good and they’ll coach you if it’s off.  A good coach has the ability to come up with ways to communicate with you specifically so you can make the necessary adjustments and improve.  Good coaches also have the ability of modifying what’s programmed on that day to make sure you’re successful and gained something positive from the training experience.

Once you commit to training for a competition, your training becomes much more focused as I discussed in part 1.  Because of that, you’re more likely to be open to taking coaching cues and feedback thus your technique improves.  And, as you become more efficient, you will become stronger.  So long as you show up and do the work you will make technical improvements and strength gains.

3.  You make deeper connections with your teammates & coach

There’s one thing to train regularly in CrossFit classes or weightlifting classes but it’s a completely different training environment and energy when you train alongside others that have committed to training for an upcoming competition.  When everyone’s training for a competition, the energy in the gym picks up ten-fold and everyone feeds off one another.  Teammates encourage each other and help you get through those tough training sessions.  Deeper connections are made between teammates because everyone understands what each person is going through (good or bad) and you all pull through together.  Of course you ultimately have to do the work each training session but since you’re all training together, collectively everyone reaps the benefits and improves.

Coaches want nothing but success for you.  We will do everything within our scope of practice to ensure everyone of our athletes has a positive experience on competition day.








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