Warrior Dash + RONA MS Bike Tour Weekend Highlights

Warrior Dash + RONA MS Bike Tour Weekend Highlights

Last Saturday, August 6, 2011 Aaron and I with a group of friends did the Warrior Dash held in Whistler/Blackcomb.  The dash consisted of 3.5miles of pure awesomeness where we had to climb up mountains, negotiate tricky obstacles, scale large walls, jump over fire (which was pretty small actually), and crawl under some barb-wire in a massive mud pit.  The race was definitely a full-body workout. The best part was seeing all of the people dressed in costumes and having a great time.

The next day I rode 60km through the city of Vancouver and Burnaby for the RONA MS Bike Tour.  I joined up with team Hale & Hearty and we raised $9618 for the MS Society.  My legs were definitely properly trained for this event even after doing the Warrior Dash.  The only thing was that I thought the route could’ve been better marked as many riders lost their way a number of times throughout the ride.

Check out some highlights from the weekend and see some of the exercises we used during a typical training session leading up to the weekend. You definitely don’t need to train as much volume as you might think for endurance events.  Lift heavy weights, train anaerobically, and perform short, high-intensity workouts.  All my Crossfit buddies will attest to that too. 🙂


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