Think You Can Gain 34lbs of Lean Muscle in 28 Days??

Think You Can Gain 34lbs of Lean Muscle in 28 Days??

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this book over the last month called the “The 4-Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss so I decided to pick it up to see for myself what it’s all about. It’s described as “A cookbook of minimalist methods for rapid body transformation – a practical crash course in how to reinvent yourself”.

The author has dedicated 10-years of his life to subject himself to experiments to ultimately determine what the smallest amount of change (dose) that is required to produce the desired outcome.  He defines this as the Minimum Effective Dose (MED).  He goes on to add that doing anything beyond one’s MED is wasteful and uses the analogy of boiling water.  Water boils at 100-degC.  Anything increase in temperature doesn’t change the fact that the water is boiling.  Higher temperatures just consume more resources that could be used for something else more productive.  This concept of MED intrigued me so I continued to read on.

He then talked about an experiment he conducted on himself with the help of a medical doctor and using hydrostatic weighing tanks, medical scales, to a tape measure to track everything from girth measurements to body fat percentage.  He claims to have gained 34 pounds of muscle, lost 4 pounds of fat, and decreased his total cholesterol from 222 to 147 in 28 days.  All this by only working out for a total of 4 hours (8, 30min workouts)!!  Sounds crazy?  I thought so too.

Because I’m always looking for the most efficient ways to get results, I figure I’ll do this exact experiment and track my results on this blog.  I’ll start following his protocol next week.  Today Aaron and I figured out our working loads for each of the prescribed exercises in the book.  We’ll start next week and keep you all posted at the end of each week…  We’ll see what happens eh?


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