The World Golf Fitness Summit 2012 – Anthony’s Top 5 Take Away’s For Golfers

The World Golf Fitness Summit 2012 – Anthony’s Top 5 Take Away’s For Golfers

I spent the last two weeks in Orlando Florida for a bit of much-needed rest and relaxation and to take in all the awesomeness at this year’s World Golf Fitness Summit.

The biennial summit, in its fourth showing, brought together a dedicated community of fitness professionals, golf instructors, medical professionals, and golf enthusiasts to examine the Practical Application for Performance related to golf.  The summit featured a diverse group of presenters who work with juniors, the world’s elite, and every golfer between.  They spoke on the latest trends in fitness and golf instruction, technology, and techniques that are shaping golf’s future.

Here are my top 5 take-away’s from this year’s summit.

  1. The TPI team model works and it is constantly being proven at the game’s highest level.  The game’s elite players like Tiger Woods, Luke Donald, and Hunter Mahan for example have a team of professionals working together to ensure the player is at the top of their game.  If you’ve been working on your golf game exclusively with a golf instructor, then you’re limiting your potential as a player.  If you’re serious about becoming the best player you can be then you have to work with a team to get you there.
  2. If you’re a golfer that has a season, then you should work with a fitness professional who understands how to periodize your fitness program so that you’ll be peaking at the right time during the year.  There are many level 1 TPI fitness professionals who can screen you but don’t yet have the expertise to properly develop a strength and conditioning program based on the seasons in golf.  You’ll know if your trainer doesn’t understand how to periodize your fitness program because sessions will be random in nature and potentially leave you sore and depleted before you have to play.  Don’t work with them as you’re wasting your time.
  3. Luke Donald’s trainer, Ben Shear presented on determining whether the movement dysfunction found in the physical screen is a mobility or stability issue.  Make sure the fitness professional you’re working with has the knowledge and experience to correctly identify the reason for your movement dysfunction determined in your TPI screen.  You’ll know if they truly understand movement as they will take the time to assess you and systematically develop a corrective strategy that will remove your dysfunction.  You should see change within the session and it should typically take one corrective exercise to do that.  If your fitness professional is randomly putting you through a series of corrective exercises then they don’t know what they’re doing.  Find somebody else to work with because they may be making you worse and less functional.
  4. They’re are many tools out there to provide you with every piece of data regarding your golf swing.  Remember they’re just tools.  Make sure your golf instructor knows how to adapt to the way you learn and they’re not just bombarding you with Trackman or K-Vest data.  Some players learn better on feel rather than numbers.  The best golf instructors understand this and will adapt.  Claude Harmon III presented on how he had to adapt his teaching style to the learning preference of his tour players (e.g. differences in learning between Ernie Els and Trevor Immelman).
  5. You are what you eat.  If you eat like crap then you’re going to perform like crap.  Make sure your fitness professional understands what proper nutrition is and that they can provide you with the proper guidelines for you to follow whether you’re a serious tour player or a weekend golfer that wants to get better.  Robert Yang presented on fueling junior golfers.  You’ll know if your fitness professional doesn’t know what’s good for you if they advise you to follow the Canada Food Guide or the American Standard Diet (SAD).  Yes it is SAD…
These top 5 take-away’s may seem a bit harsh but that’s the reality folks.  If you’re a golfer that wants to get better and you’re working with either fitness professionals or golf instructors that don’t do what the best in the business are doing then you need to stop wasting your time and money and find an experienced TPI team to work with.

Not only did I leave the summit inspired and energized to develop the players in our golf performance program, I connected with old friends and met many new friends within the TPI community.  It made me very proud to be a part of this elite group of amazing individuals.

Thank you TPI for making this summit possible and for bringing such an amazing community together.

I also invite you to take a look at the World Golf Fitness Summit photo album I created on our Facebook page.


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