Jure Smerdelj Hey, I'm Jure Smerdelj!

I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach with a thirst for knowledge and performance. But that's not all, having my nose in the field of sports since the young age of 4, I have done it all; judo, muay thai, wrestling, BJJ, MMA, basketball, gymnastics, crossfit, weightlifting, powerlifting... so quite a mix.

Now let me tell you some: I have over 10+ years of experience working with clients from all walks of life. I have trained amateur athletes, professional athletes, national MMA champions, powerlifters, people training to get stronger or stay fit & those just having fun and relieving stress. I have worked with kids, adults and seniors.

I take pride in being disciplined & ensuring I deliver results 110% whilst keeping you injury-free. I focus on good form & technique wise & structured methodology. I explain the whys, so you understand better and do better. This will stay with you. And I give 100% and expect 100% commitment. If you are not committed to yourself, no one can improve you regardless of other factors.

Now here, I may come off as hard-headed, but I have to keep you out of your own head, while you are under a heavy weight. There is no progress without a certain amount of discomfort. I AM that discomfort but I am also the one that can get you to the image of yourself, which you see inside your head right now, & better. Healthy Mind and Strong body!

So tell me your goals and together, we will get you there.

It's you against you! Let's get started!

Certifications & Courses:

  • EGSA Kettlebell lifting
  • Vigor Move & Live Academy Course
  • Ido Portal Movement X, Corset course
  • Movement is Medicine - Einar Svindland course
  • Functional Range Release (FR) lower/spine/upper body
  • Rings and Handstand workshop - Einar Svindland & Yuen Jon
  • Program Design Poliquin Group
  • World Calisthenics Organisation level 2
  • Crossfit L2
  • Crossfit gymnastics
  • Crossfit weightlifting
  • Eugene Teo Muscle biomechanics workshop
  • Emmet Louis Modern Methods of Mobility
  • Global Strength Summit theory & practice
  • MaStrength Chinese Weightlifting L2
  • Westside Barbell Special Strength Coach certificate
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