Ruben’s Throwdown – The CrossFit Event That’s Truly All About Community

Ruben’s Throwdown – The CrossFit Event That’s Truly All About Community

Our 2nd Annual Ruben’s Throwdown fundraiser event in support of Ruben’s Shoes went down yesterday Saturday, September 27th.  I really wanted to create a friendly CrossFit competition that achieves the following goals: to support an amazing cause, to program truly all-inclusive workouts, to showcase our unique training philosophy, and to really bring this community together in an event like no other.

I wanted our event to have workouts that were accessible to all levels rather than having an Rx’d division and a Scaled division because in my opinion, that automatically creates a division within the community.  Workouts were designed so that more experienced athletes are rewarded with more points if they are able to perform more advanced skills or lift more load but less-experienced athletes can still contribute to their team’s overall point total by performing pre-determined exercise regressions or if the athlete needs to lift lighter loads for lesser points.


Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - Ruben's Throwdown 2.0, Workout 3

 Our daily CrossFit classes are a lot different than most as we use lots of unconventional exercise movement patterns from other non-CrossFit systems like Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork (EKG), ClubBell Evolution from Dare to Evolve, Gold Medal Bodies, and Ido Portal at times to achieve the goal for a particular quarterly program.  I love to see how visiting athletes move when they’re asked to perform the more unique exercise movement patterns for the first time and it’s even better to see the reaction on their faces as they perform it.  Ruben’s Throwdown allows us to showcase what we do with the intent to educate that there are many other excellent training systems out there.

Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - Ruben's Throwdown 2.0, Workout 1

Yoga is also a very important element in our programming and we offer eleven classes a week to aid in our community’s recovery and healing from the training.  At the end of this year’s Ruben’s Throwdown, Andrew and I decided to have a 15 minute yoga recovery session to close out the event.  I’m not sure but I think that must be a first in any CrossFit competition anywhere in the world.

Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - Ruben's Throwdown 2.0, Yoga

The way we achieved the final goal of bringing together the community required a unique solution.  The idea was to have athletes of all experience levels register as individuals and we would put them into teams of four (2 males, 2 females).  The athletes would have no idea who their teammates are until the day of the competition.  Doing it this way eliminates the feeling of “box vs. box” and promotes meeting new friends and building camaraderie and team work as teams problem solve and work hard together to complete each workout.  Most of the athletes who participated came from various other CrossFit boxes in the Lower Mainland and they’ve never worked out with their teammates until that day.  It was amazing to see teams come together as they encouraged and supported one another while they accomplished a common goal.  When every team in the event does this, a community is built and that awesome feeling sticks with those who are a part of that experience.

Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - Ruben's Throwdown 2.0, Community

Ruben’s Throwdown 2.0 was definitely a success and it’s a good feeling to achieve the goals we set out to accomplish when we first came up with the idea.  Each year we learn more and more and it’s because of the positive feedback from the athletes and volunteers.  Thank you all for your continued support.

See you at Ruben’s Throwdown 3.0 in 2015!

Here’s the link to the Ruben’s Throwdown 2.0 photo album on our Facebook page.  Photo credit for this blog post’s pictures courtesy of Ruben’s Shoes.

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