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Our personal training sessions are designed for individuals who are looking for one-on-one training and have very specific needs.  Your first personal training session with us starts with an assessment of your joint health and joint function.  We then guide you through specific mobility exercises that will improve your joint mobility while simultaneously developing strength and control in the newly acquired range.

Our process has proven itself over the years since 2011 with clients from all walks of life from complete beginner, to experienced, to professional athlete.  If you have specific goals that you want to achieve then connect with us and get the process started.

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@mikebencsik is an athlete in the sport of weightlifting 🏋🏽‍♂️ and @bensaxton13 is an athlete in sport of beach volleyball 🏐. They both represent Canada 🇨🇦 and play at the highest level in their respective sports• • Our clients come to us so we can help them become better versions of themselves. How do we help athletes become better when they’re already playing at the highest level of their sport? I can tell you it’s not “training” them more with exercises that look like their sport or working them out harder in the gym• • We start with an assessment of their joint function and joint health using @functionalrangeconditioning CAR’s. Based on that assessment we then apply FRC principles in the appropriate manner as necessary. The purpose is to increase the athlete’s joint variability, resiliency, and overall movement potential, all while mitigating their risk to injury. If they need to improve other fitness characteristics like strength and conditioning we can address those too. However the individualized mobility training we provide them serves as the foundation for that, their sport, and in any other activity• • DM to apply for online training 👍🏽 • • #Repost @mikebencsik with @get_repost ・・・ Was at @engineeredbodies early this morning to do some CARRS stretching with @anthony.agtarap and @sara.moves . I learned a lot this morning about getting your hip/shoulder joint capsules to perform better With AROM and PROM!! Thanks guys! I also met 2016 Beach Volleyball Olympian @bensaxton13 😬😬. Beach Volleyball has been one of my favourite sports since I was a small kid😎 #stretching #gainz

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When you’re one of our personal training clients, you are also eligible to participate in our CrossFit and Movement Classes for the duration of your one-on-one package.  You’re paying good money for one-on-one coaching so we don’t believe in making you pay extra to join our group classes.

Can’t get to our facility to train for personal training?  We also offer online personal training services to meet your needs!

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