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Do you want to get in the best shape of your life but are dealing with injuries or chronic pains that are preventing you from getting started?


Are you interested in CrossFit but you’re afraid of getting injured because you’ve heard negative things about the training?


Have you hit a plateau in your training and need to learn the details of how to achieve success?



Our training philosophy and practice is centred around Movement Quality.  Activities like CrossFit, handstands, martial arts, and weightlifting are all forms of movement.  No one form is better than the other as they all can provide an individual an opportunity to improve their physical and mental capacity.  All forms of movement require our bodies to have adequate joint range of motion.  If an individual performs a movement but their joints don’t meet the mobility prerequisites, then injuries will occur.


We have developed a training system that includes individualized movement screening, individualized joint-by-joint functional assessments, and individualized mobility training to improve any limited joint range of motion.  The classes we offer enable you learn the details of a movement at a pace that’s comfortable for you.  You will learn your individualized exercise progression as you train towards your goals.


Our memberships include both personal training and unlimited group classes.  There is no need to purchase additional special classes or workshops because you get it all in your membership.


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