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Our mentoring program is designed to provide personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, & kinesiologists insight into real world strength & conditioning practices that are based from movement quality.  We cover topics such as movement screening, assessments, corrective exercise prescription, coaching exercises, and programming.


In addition to the training, our mentoring program provides sales and marketing education for those that are wanting to start their own businesses in the health and fitness industry.  This very important aspect is often overlooked and no other mentorship program offers this as in depth as ours does.   You’ll see the real-world application of what you’re learning so you can make a career-path decision that is best for you.


The mentorship program is four, 1-on-1 sessions with Coach Anthony.  These privates are scheduled whenever the student wants to learn the next steps.  It’s recommended that students do a mentoring session then go away and apply those teachings for a couple weeks so that they gain experience and can ask more questions for their next session.  You also get unlimited hours available to you to come out and shadow large group classes, semi-private groups, and 1-on-1 private sessions.  All of the hours that you train or shadow with our team can be used towards certification requirements and we can sign-off to validate your hours if that is a requirement you need.


Testimonials From A Few Alumni Students:

I first had the opportunity of training at Engineered bodies for the Ido Portal movement X workshop, Most people were total strangers at the start but soon everyone was acting like a little tribe sharing info, tips, tricks, skills it was amazing to be surrounded by so many like minded people and a team of trainers so passionate about teaching quality movement, they really made that weekend one to remember.

I am now studying to become a coach and going through the EB mentorship program. At this point I have been shadowing classing & one on one sessions. Its very refreshing to watch these guys and their approach to health and fitness, quality alway comes first with anything they do. I have already learnt so much and cant thank you guys enough, looking forward to my next visit. Cheers guys!!!!!!


Rod, founder of the Movement Collective New Castle Australia

As a mentorship student, I have been fortunate enough to work with Anthony on furthering my career as a fitness professional. He has a great understanding of the industry and has given me many tools to work with in order to move forward with my career goals. Mentorship sessions cover everything from business and marketing, to training techniques and continuing education. Proper movement form and quality are a focus point during sessions discussions. There is also an emphasis on proper and in depth screening protocols, something that does not always get touched on in most fitness courses. Anthony has been incredibly encouraging and helpful in guiding me to become a confident, and knowledgable trainer. It is clear I could not have picked a better mentor and facility to start my path with.

Sara, dance instructor, personal trainer

I had the opportunity to take part in the mentorship program with Anthony. It was an amazing learning experience. It is very rare to find a strength and conditioning gym that emphasizes movement quality to build up the proper foundation prior to lifting weights.

The way Anthony approaches the mentorship program was phenomenal. His teaching method is based on what your goals are from the program, and teaches you principles that can help you reach your goals. The questions he asks aren’t simple black and white textbook questions, but ones that make you think like how come this exercise works for person A, and not person B and vice versa. And if you don’t know the answer to the questions, that’s alright! Anthony won’t judge you at all. In fact, he understands why people may have trouble answering the questions since this is usually the first time people are exposed to functional movement. He is more than happy to share some of his knowledge on how he approaches the question. He also provides you with lots of support and opportunities during the mentorship to practice and apply what you learned.


I highly recommend the mentorship program if your philosophy towards fitness is movement quality first. Anthony will help you get on the right track!


Herrick, Kinesiologist, 

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