Lynn’s Whole30 Success Story

Lynn’s Whole30 Success Story



On June 12, a group of our clients and coaches embarked on a Whole30 nutritional reset. We kicked it off with a group Whole30 potluck and wrapped it up with a BBQ.  We all experienced some sort of cravings and challenges but learned a lot about ourselves and food.  For many of us it was an eye opening experience: “Why is there sugar in bacon?!”  and the Whole30 introduced us to new foods and new ways of cooking.  It has changed our eating habits – many of us are not going back to our old ways, nor do we want to.

In particular, our client Lynn had an amazing experience.  In Lynn’s own words, here’s what the Whole30 has meant to her:

Day 31! What a milestone. What a journey!

Here is what Whole30 means to me:

  • Getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep each night without waking up (it has been years since that happened)
  • Getting out of bed in the morning with abundant energy and without painful joints
  • Chronic tendonitis in my Achilles tendon is almost completely gone
  • Greeting the day with increased mental clarity
  • Cutting my blood pressure medication down by half and taking it every other day rather than every day
  • Increased circulation, no more tingling in my hands and feet
  • Saying goodbye to dry, itchy skin
  • Saying hello to a glow that my friends are blown away by – even toned skin and a healthy radiance (and no more breakouts!!)
  • “Things” functioning better . . .  *wink* . . . no bloated, lethargic feeling . . .
  • Breathing better, less congestion
  • Renewed taste buds
  • No crazy cravings
  • Clothes don’t fit . . .  (lost 13.4 lbs!!)

 But most importantly, I feel fantastic. Ready to take on the challenges of CrossFit.

Thank you for your and Anthony’s support throughout the last 31 days. I’ve been challenged mentally and physically. And I’ve only just begun. I am so happy that I found Engineered Bodies and a community that lives, breaths and eats a healthy lifestyle. What a gift!

Here’s to a life full of energy!

Here’s to many more successes!

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