lululemon Coquitlam Ambassador Crawl 2011

lululemon Coquitlam Ambassador Crawl 2011

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Mariah Beamin from lululemon Coquitlam Center asking me if I’d be interested in putting on a circuit class for their staff and their guests. It turned out that I’d be one of four workouts that they’d be subjecting themselves to throughout the day in an event called the Ambassador Crawl. I thought that was an awesome idea so of course I was excited to be a part of that.  The event went down this past Wednesday (November 2nd) and this is how their schedule looked:

6:00am – 360 Cycle with Niki Jacques
9:00am – Booty Camp at Elevated Fitness with Colleen Preston
4:30pm – CrossFit at Rocky Point Crossfit with Tom Smith
8:00pm – Circuit Training with Engineered Bodies and Anthony Agtarap

I held my circuit class at the store-front of lululemon Coquitlam Center and we blocked off a small area with some cones in the middle of the two walkways.  Since I knew most of their staff had already participated in three wicked workouts from other Ambassadors throughout the day, I decided to work on some mobility and stability (motor control) exercises to give their bodies a bit of a rest. A small crowd of people gathered to watch the warmup prep that was taking place and one elderly lady even joined in from the sidelines.  It was really cute as I invited her to join us but she was happy to join in from outside our training area.

Once we got into the workout, it was a little more intense than I think some of them who haven’t tried my class out before realized.


Here are a couple of links to the lululemon Coquitlam Center Facebook page to give you an idea of the day:

Ambassador Crawl Coquitlam Album

 Circuit video clip

Thanks again to the awesome team at lululemon Coquitlam Center for inviting me to this unique event and for supporting all of our businesses. I love all the community engagement initiatives you do and how you help a little company like ours have visibility in our community as well.

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