Loosen Up Your Skin Man!

Loosen Up Your Skin Man!

A few months ago Aaron and I attended the Crossfit Movement and Mobility Course in Seattle and I thought I’d share a video I took of one of Kelly Starrett’s lectures.  I think it’s hilarious.  He’s such a good presenter and you’ll see why once you watch it.  In this video he talks about the importance of our jobs as coaches (or clinician in his case) to make athletes better by systematically determining what the athlete’s movement dysfunctions are, correcting them, and training the improved mobility/motor control obtained from the corrective strategy using movement patterns that matter to the athlete (squatting, running, jumping, cutting, etc.).

Gray Cook says it best – “First move well then move often”.

Improving your client is all in the fine details and you need to have a system in place.  It doesn’t matter if you use FMS, TPI, MWOD, eyeballing, whatever so long as you do something so that you’re not guessing or randomly picking exercises off the internet.

Enjoy the video!


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