Let’s Put Rehabilitation Professionals Like Me Out of Work!

Let’s Put Rehabilitation Professionals Like Me Out of Work!

A Need for a Proactive Approach in Occupational Health and Safety

On a scale of 1-10, how capable is your body of handling the physical demands of your work, leisure activities, and day to day tasks while remaining injury-free? As a kinesiologist who has helped many people rehabilitate from injuries and return to perform their pre-injury jobs, I – like many rehabilitation professionals with the right intentions – have the ironic goal of eliminating what has been my main source income. While some work (and non-work) injuries occur as a result of acute trauma (e.g. crush injuries, blunt force, slipping on a wet surface), I have seen countless workers whose injuries were simply a result of their own body movements. Though I am grateful for the opportunity to help these people regain their function through exercise therapy, I have become disenchanted by the reactive and not proactive application of exercise for occupational health and safety.

In upcoming articles, I will describe:

  • How injuries are often a result of conditions that start well in advance of the associated incident or symptoms
  • The limitations of WorkSafeBC and workers’ compensations boards in ensuring worker health and safety
  • How organizations lose money when they do not look after worker health and safety
  • How corporate fitness and health services can benefit both desk workers and workers with physically demanding jobs


About Silvia

Engineered Bodies - Silvia HuaSilvia’s goal is to help busy professionals incorporate exercise into their lives so they can be fit, move well, feel good in their bodies, and excel at work. As an occupational rehab kinesiologist, Silvia has been to a variety of workplaces and collaborated with WorkSafeBC and employers to help hundreds of injured workers return to work safely. She is passionate about using education, exercise, and ergonomics to help people avoid work-related injuries, rehabilitate, and optimize health and function. As a competitive weightlifter, she understands the importance of proactively maintaining a healthy body to keep the body resilient to heavy physical demands.

In her spare time, Silvia likes to train for competitive Olympic weightlifting, relax on the beach, eat, and learn about behaviour change.


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