Hybrid Athletics Grand Opening Event

Hybrid Athletics Grand Opening Event

Today I took a trip out to Langley BC for the Grand Opening celebration for Hybrid Athletics.  They’re a fitness training facility specializing in Crossfit, personal training, bootcamps, and team training.  I met coach Nate Beverage at a lululemon event in Coquitlam a few months back and it was then that I heard they were opening their facility in the Fraser Valley.  I went out today to show my support, meet some athletes and coaches, and to immerse myself in the culture that is Crossfit competitions.  I’ve never been to one before so I was in for a treat as there was a men’s and women’s invitational competition as the highlight of the festivities.

It was good to see some familiar faces at the event today too.  Dai Manuel and Pete Kendrick from Fitness Town and Annie and Scott Tasaka from Crossfit Lions in North Vancouver.  I met some new faces too today.  Jason Minion from Real Xtreme RX and Allen from Q Energy Drink.  The Crossfit community here in the Lower Mainland is a strong one that I’m just starting to get to know by going to events like these and working out with various coaches and athletes.  I love the fact that every facility I’ve trained at so far is very welcoming and encouraging.  Today’s event was no different.  Check out this video I made of what went down today during the women’s competition.  It was an epic battle coming down to Angie Pye and Emily Beers (two of the top Crossfit athletes in the world).  The athletes were so inspiring to watch that I literally felt like jumping in on the WOD myself.  The energy was high and very positive as friends and families all cheered for each competitor to finish what seemed to be impossible workouts.  I dare you to try even one of these WOD’s let alone all three in a row.  😉

Women’s WOD:

1. Diane: 21, 15, 9-reps, deadlift (155lbs) + handstand pushups

2. Bike: 1 mile

3.  Grace: 30 reps, ground to overhead clean and jerk (95lbs)

** Note: in the video I called the first WOD Isabel but it’s actually Diane. **  

Huge congratulations to the coaches from Hybrid Athletics on a successful grand opening.  Your facility is amazing!  You guys are going to be very successful.  All the best from us at Engineered Bodies.

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