Vancouver Kettlebell Certification - Agatsu

Take your Kettlebell training to the next level with the company that brought them to Canada. Agatsu has been a world leader in professional development for trainers for years and our Kettlebell program offers one of the most sought after trainer certifications.

A gold standard in Kettlebell training the Agatsu program is the most comprehensive program offering instruction in both high volume and high tension methods along with their integration in an overall fitness practice. Unlike other stand alone programs ours was designed to help trainers understand the pivotal role that Kettlebells can play in developing well rounded generalists and our Kettlebell training seamlessly integrates with our other programs.

Kettlebells are a time tested tool that have built strong bodies for decades. Kettlebell practice will build endurance, strength, coordination, an iron grip, and will help you develop a lean strong body.

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