Engineered Bodies – Workout of the Week (Beginner Workout 2)

Engineered Bodies – Workout of the Week (Beginner Workout 2)

So it took a bit of time today (or last night I guess…) to shoot and edit our very first Engineered Bodies workout video.  It’s amazing what you can do with an Apple computer and a little imagination.

Beginner full body workout (week 2 of 4)

Check list for each exercise/rep:

  1. The equipment you need is a medicine ball, small step, and a chin up bar
  2. Perform each rep with proper form.
  3. Remember to engage your core (deep TVA muscles).
  4. Breathe out on the concentric (most difficult part of the exercise).

3-sets x 12-reps in a circuit-style.

  1. Med ball reverse lunges
  2. Med ball lateral hops over step
  3. Med ball straight-leg deadlift
  4. Med ball toe taps
  5. Push ups with knee drives
  6. Box jumps onto step
  7. Chin ups (or jumping chin ups off of step for assistance)
  8. Rest 1-min
  9. Repeat

Move through the circuit quickly with good form and don’t rest until you finish the chin ups.  Check out our video below:

Always remember to challenge yourself and have fun.  🙂

And if you have any questions on this workout leave a comment, email me or find us on facebook.


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