Engineered Bodies – Workout of the Week (Beginner Full Body)

Engineered Bodies – Workout of the Week (Beginner Full Body)

This is the first of our 4-week long beginner full body workout series.  As a beginner or new to weight-training, this particular series is great for you because all the exercises are pretty basic but the way I put them together keeps your heart rate up so that you get all the fat-burning, lean-muscle building, and increased cardiovascular endurance benefits.

We’ll post a new one of these every Sunday evening and you can incorporate it into you normal workout routine during your week. The only thing I suggest is that you should give your muscles at least 2-days to recover from the previous workout so for example if you trained your legs on Tuesday, you wouldn’t want to do this workout the next day because it incorporates legs. You’d be too tired to perform the repetitions with proper form thus increasing the chance of injury. You don’t want that…

We’re also in the process of using video to show you all how to do each exercise as well as how to properly transition from one exercise to the next. I say we’re in process because we’re still figuring out our editing software and working out the bugs but we should have it up and running for the next post. Next post we’ll have a video that shows this workout as well as next week’s workout.

For now though you’ll have to follow along old-school-style by reading about how to do this workout. Here goes:

Beginner full body workout (week 1 of 4)

Check list for each exercise/rep:

  1. Choose a challenging weight when applicable.  My rule of thumb is you’ve chosen the correct weight if you can barely perform the last rep of that exercise.  You complete the rep but it’s challenging (you may need a spot).  This is true in your first set too!
  2. Perform each rep with proper form.
  3. Remember to engage your core (deep TVA muscles).
  4. Breathe out on the concentric (most difficult part of the exercise).

2-sets x 12-reps in a circuit-style.

  1. Dumbbell Squats (holding a dumbbell in each hand)
  2. Lateral shuffles (10 yard distance x4)
  3. Glute-bridge (supine on your back)
  4. Two-foot skipping (1-min)
  5. Repeat exercises 1-4, 1x more time
  6. Plank
  7. Push ups
  8. Mountain climbers (30-sec)
  9. Inverted row
  10. Repeat exercises 6-9, 1x more time
  11. Full Sit ups
  12. Seated dumbbell shoulder press
  13. Jumping jacks (30-sec)
  14. Lat pull down
  15. Repeat exercises 12-14, 1x more time

Like I said next week we’ll include a video of this workout but for now give this one a try on your own.  Always remember to challenge yourself and have fun.  🙂

And if you have any questions on this workout leave a comment, email me or find us on facebook.

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