Danny Jun

I knew at the age of 16, that my dream was to work in the fitness industry for the rest of my life. Growing up as a multi-sport athlete, and competing in soccer, basketball, track and field, and ball hockey, I was obsessed with training and movement. As soon as I became of age, I acquired my ACE personal training certificate and applied to SFU for the Kinesiology program. Not long after, I discovered Crossfit, and instantly got hooked. I’m now training to compete as a CrossFit regionals athlete in the future.


The reason why I wanted to work in the fitness industry in the first place was to see peoples lives change in a positive way through fitness. I truly believe that I can touch the most amount of lives and change them for the better, by advocating and coaching people to exercise.


Working at Engineered Bodies as a CrossFit coach and personal trainer has allowed me to live my childhood dream, getting to witness members and friends better their lives everyday. I’m personally striving to continually grow at Engineered Bodies, as a coach, athlete, and a better human being.



  • ACE personal trainer
  • Crossfit Level 1 trainer
  • Sportsmed sports first aid (pending)
  • First Aid CPR