Dai Manuel of Fitness Town gets an Impromptu FMS…Thanks Twitter

Dai Manuel of Fitness Town gets an Impromptu FMS…Thanks Twitter

Twitter is awesome.  If you haven’t gotten on it yet you should because it enables people all over globe to engage in a way like never before.  Case in point today when Dai Manuel, the COO of Fitness Town and Crossfit enthusiast tweeted that he was planning on doing a workout at 2pm at the Fitness Town Burnaby location on Lougheed.  He went on and asked if anyone wanted to join him.  Since we had exchanged a couple of tweets prior to this, I thought what the hell.  Let’s meet in person and throw down a WOD!

After we met, Dai asked what I did.  I told him that we’re a personal training company and that we base all of our training programs around the functional movement screen (FMS).  Since I happened to have my FMS kit in the car, I asked him if he’d be willing to be screened to see what it’s about.  He was very open to the idea as he knows the importance of mobility and stability.  He also happens to know the Crossfit Mobility WOD guy himself Mr Kelly Starret who both Aaron and I are big fans of.  Cool!  I’m about to do an impromptu FMS on Fitness Town COO Dai Manuel.

About 12 minutes later his screen is complete and we both know that there are some things to work on.  Normally I’d get into the assessment after screening but the other fellas arrived and it was time to bang out a WOD!! Big shout out to Pete Kendrick for creating the WOD and for providing some much-needed corrections on my split jerk form. After the WOD I then assessed Dai based on his FMS scores and taught him some easy to do corrective exercises that he could do as his warmup prep before any workout.  Check out some pictures from today’s session.

FMS score = 2  FMS score = 2  

There’s nothing like getting a group of great coaches and trainers together for a workout where we can all learn something from each other. This is what it’s all about. This was the most-fun I’ve had in a workout for quite some time and it was all because of Twitter.  Thanks Dai, Pete, and Travis for a great WOD.

Check out Dai’s Blog: “The Moose is Loose

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Finally check out Kelly Starret’s blog: MobilityWOD for great videos and ideas on how to be a supple leopard.

  • Dai Manuel
    Posted at 20:39h, 18 August Reply

    Fantastic WOD’s and great FMS! Learned so much Anthony! thanks again and looking forward to our next opportunity to train together. Don’t be a stranger and pop by anytime (just Tweet me first!). 😉

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