Athletic Developmental Programs

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Athletic Developmental Programs


Over the years, we’ve had the honour of working with many sports teams and individual athletes ranging from regional level all the way to national level.  Our training philosophy and approach is no different to how we train all of our clients in that we believe in educating athletes on the importance of moving well and getting stronger as functioning human beings before getting after it on the field as specialized players.  The less well you move as a functioning human being, the more chance you have to injure yourself.

The FMS screen is one tool we use to help communicate this message to all of our clients. If a client’s FMS score indicates they have movement “issues”, we assess why that is the case. We then come up with a strategy to help them remove those issues. We don’t stay in “corrective exercise land” forever though.  The goal is to get stronger and improve attributes of fitness that will help these athletes become better players in what ever sport they want to excel in.

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We have provided our services to the following teams:

  • UBC Men’s Volleyball Team (FMS screen data collection)
  • UBC Women’s Volleyball Team (FMS screen data collection)
  • TWU Men’s Volleyball Team (FMS screen data collection)
  • TWU Women’s Volleyball Team (FMS screen data collection)
  • BC Angels (from the former Canadian Women’s Legends Football League)
  • Terry Fox Basketball (individual player development)
  • Charles Best Basketball (individual player development)
  • Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team (strength testing data collection),
  • Team BC Men’s Water Polo,
  • Field Hockey BC Provincial and Regional teams,
  • Field Hockey NVSD teams,
  • Team Canada Men’s Beach Volleyball (individual player development),