ALWAYS keep your workouts interesting

ALWAYS keep your workouts interesting

Ask yourself these questions about your typical workouts:

  1. Do you ever get bored with your routine?
  2. If you do make it to the gym, do you feel like you’re just going through the motions?
  3. Are you not seeing any significant improvements?  In other words are you plateauing?

We’ve definitely  all been there with our training and it’s important that you know how to get out of that rut.  Last post we showed some pushup variations that you could incorporate into your routine to switch it up a bit and to give your mind something to look forward to.  Our mind needs to be challenged.  Perhaps more-so than our body.  Think about it.  If you’re not excited to work out then why are you doing it?  Exercising should be fun!  It should engage you both mentally and physically.  Your workouts need to be designed in such a way to keep you always “reaching” for new heights so that you’re never plateauing.

Take a look at this video Aaron and I did.  It’s a compilation of different types of pull ups and chin ups that we’ve incorporated into our workout that day.  It turned out to be a super-fun session because we ended up trying to come up with something new and different for a move as simple and basic as a pull up or chin up.  But that really what it’s about.  Making your sessions something you can look forward too.

Here are some places you can look to for inspiration or ideas on how to keep your workouts interesting:

  • YouTube.  There’s tons of amazing stuff out there and we’re in an age where information is at our fingertips.
  • Health and fitness magazines like Oxygen or Men’s Health.  You can find these anywhere and they’re packed with useful tid-bits of information.
  • Hire a personal trainer (like us 🙂 ).  Seriously.  A good personal trainer will have a bank of exercises to keep you guessing each session.  It’s not only about the amount of exercises the trainer knows either.  It’s about how that trainer incorporates a given exercise into a session to keep it fun.
  • Train with friend who knows more than you about exercising.  Training that why sparks competitiveness too.  That’s always a good thing.

As always, let us know what your thoughts about this post or any other posts we’ve done in the past.

happy training.

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