3rd Annual Douglas College Fall Fair

3rd Annual Douglas College Fall Fair

Yesterday Aaron, Renee, and I went to Douglas College for their 3rd Annual Fall Fair.  The event was hosted by the Douglas College Alumni Association and was held at David Lam campus in Coquitlam.  The purpose of the Fall Fair is to showcase college programs and to raise money for those programs in a fun, family-oriented environment.  Local businesses like ours donated to the cause and were given the opportunity to showcase their business at the event.

It started out rainy but the sun managed to peak through the clouds throughout the day as many people from the college and the community came to support and engage with business owners and students of college programs.  Admission was free and there was much to entertain families including BBQ, a clown, face painting, a band, and a bouncy castle.

At our tent, we set up  a fitness challenge that included three exercises: longest plank hold, medicine ball sit up toss for distance, and most body weight squats in 60-seconds.  Prizes were then awarded to participants who held the top score for each exercise at the end of the day.  We also educated everybody on the functional movement screen (FMS) that we use on all of our clients.

Special thanks to the organizers of the event as they did an excellent job.  Hope to see you all again at next year’s event.  Check out some pictures from the event.

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