2-Years Strong!

2-Years Strong!

Our official Grand Opening party was February 23, 2013 but we had our 2 Year Anniversary Community Party today yesterday to celebrate with our community, friends, and family.

Click Here for a video slide show of the last 2 years!

The event started with a special “bring your friend” team workout where we provided guests with an  opportunity to experience our coach’s quality instruction and the supportive and encouraging energy of a training session.

Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - 2 year party, team workoutEngineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - 2 year party, post team workout

The party started shortly after the workout and we had a great turnout with tons of community support.  Ruben’s Shoes was there to take donations and shoes and we had visits from members from the Tri City Chamber of Commerce and Mayor of Port Moody, Mike Clay.  We started off by recognizing our clients who started up with us during our first quarter of existence and have remained members with us up until now.  We presented them with a special gift and an unique opportunity to create a special workout named after them.

Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - 2 year party, Ruben's Shoes

Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - 2 year party, balloonsEngineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - 2 year party, party time

We also had fun games of “feats of strength” where we had a hanging challenges and longest horse-stance challenges for prizes.  Coach Morgan and Andrew were also providing guests with FMS screens as we educated our guests about our unique system in getting our clients prepared for training.

Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - 2 year party, hangingEngineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - 2 year party, FMS screens

Over the years, we’ve connected with so many amazing people here in our community and we’ve developed meaningful relationships with high-quality, homegrown and local companies as well.  Cafe Divano’s, George’s Meats, Soko Tea House, Port Moody Flowers, Fitness Town, Strike Movement, and lululemon Coquitlam Center all provided donations by way of prizes or platters and beverages for our guests.  The event was truly a success and we’re so thankful it did.

It’s been an incredible 2 years since we opened our doors and I can’t thank our community enough for the love and support you’ve all shown us through these years.  We’re a family owned, and operated business and we put our heart and soul into everything about this place daily.  We promise to continue to evolve and improve to make this company the best it can be for our members for years to come.  


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