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Here at Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning we are striving to cultivate a community of quality movement.  What good is having strength in the gym if you don’t have the ability to move freely in your daily life?  Our unique programs are specifically designed to compliment the strength and conditioning program from our CrossFit classes.  The result: You will become the strongest mover you can be with new found mobility that will stay with you for the long term, strength within that mobility, and the ability to move with a calm mind.  Unlock your movement potential and join our movement classes today!

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1. Movement, Mobility-Strength Class

This class is specifically designed to increase your joint range of motion and at the same time build strength within this new range.  The protocols will be taught to you as we learned them from our movement teachers from the Ido Portal Company.  We are the first in North America to bring their team in to teach these method and protocols and we are very excited to share them with you.  We also incorporate protocols and principles from Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), to appropriately condition your joints and soft tissues and prepare them to handle loads.  These classes are essential to improve how you move, mitigate the severity of a possible injury, and to ensure long term, sustainable health.

mobility-strength classes


2. Gymnastics Strength Classes

This class is designed to teach you the protocols and progressions necessary to safely condition and prepare the soft tissues so you can successfully progress thru and master the more demanding gymnastics movements.  We’ve practiced and taught these protocols as we learned them from Gold Medal Bodies, GymnasticsBodies, and the Ido Portal Company so you can be sure that what you will learn will successfully help you achieve strength you never thought possible.  You do not require previous gymnastics experience to attend this class.  All you need is patience and the willingness to put in the work.  This class is for you if you’ve ever wanted a nice, clean muscle up or other gymnastics movements like back levers or a tuck planche.


3. Handstands 101

At Engineered Bodies we love to do handstands as they’re super-fun to train for and a very rewarding practice.   Achieving a free-standing handstand will open new doors of movement potential that you never thought you had.  You don’t have to have a gymnastics background either.  This beginner-level class will teach you how to develop a really solid, free-standing handstand with a beautiful line.  We will take you through all the necessary joint mobility and preparation work as well as the proper progressions that will help you reach success.   We know you’ll have fun training your handstand in this class.

Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning - Handstands 101


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