• Are you an aspiring personal trainer or strength & conditioning specialist or CrossFit certified trainer that wants to improve their game and learn what it means to really help or improve your clients?
  • Are you interested in learning about career paths that are available to you other than working at a globo-gym or boutique-style personal training facility?

Our mentoring program is designed to provide trainers, coaches, & kinesiologists insight into real world strength & conditioning practices that are based from movement quality.  We use the FMS at the front-end of our process to mitigate our clients’ risk to injury and the mentoring program educates our mentoring students on the protocols of that and how to use that knowledge to more successfully improve their client’s overall movement quality and way of life.  We cover topics such as movement screening, assessments, corrective exercise prescription, coaching basic exercise movement patterns, and programming.

In addition to the training, the program also provides sales and marketing advice for those that are wanting to start their own businesses in the health and fitness industry.  This very important aspect is often overlooked and no other mentorship program offers this as in depth as ours does.   You’ll see the real-world application of what you’re learning so you can make a career-path decision that is best for you.

The mentorship program is four, 1-on-1 sessions with Anthony.  These privates can be used whenever the student wants to learn the next steps.  It’s recommended that students do a mentoring session then go away and apply those teachings for a couple weeks so that they gain experience and can ask more questions for their next session.  You also get unlimited hours available to you to come out and shadow large group classes, semi-private groups, and 1-on-1 private sessions.  All of the hours that you train or shadow with our team can be used towards certification requirements and we can sign-off to validate your hours if that is a requirement you need.
Here are some testimonials from student’s we’ve mentoring:

tailored mentoring for each student …
The guys at Engineered Bodies offer an awesome BCRPA mentoring program. Anthony has been extremely helpful in both guiding me through the ICE package and preparing me for my exam. What really set him apart for me was his constant support and individualization. Anthony really tailors his mentoring for each student, catering to what I needed to succeed and move forward through the BCRPA program, all while providing constant support and encouragement. The Engineered Bodies mentoring program gives you the freedom and guidance to successfully complete the BCRPA program in your own personal way. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for BCRPA mentoring.

Adam, Kinesology Student, SFU

Quality always comes first…
I first had the opportunity of training at Engineered bodies for the Ido Portal movement X workshop, Most people were total strangers at the start but soon everyone was acting like a little tribe sharing info, tips, tricks, skills it was amazing to be surrounded by so many like minded people and a team of trainers so passionate about teaching quality movement, they really made that weekend one to remember.
I am now studying to become a coach and going through the EB mentorship program. At this point I have been shadowing classing & one on one sessions. Its very refreshing to watch these guys and their approach to health and fitness, quality alway comes first with anything they do. I have already learnt so much and cant thank you guys enough, looking forward to my next visit. Cheers guys!!!!!!

Rod, founder of the Movement Collective New Castle Australia

Great Mentor and Trainer..
I’ve gotten to know Anthony and Aaron of Engineered Bodies when I was seeking a mentor for my BCRPA certification. I began to shadow them and each session has been amazing. What impressed me the most is their knowledge of each individual’s body. Each workout is very calculated, unique, and nothing is left to chance. I’ve witnessed them train and cater to the individual needs of clients of all ages and fitness levels. I now travel out from Richmond to Coquitlam just to train with them and have been more than happy with my own results so far. Most importantly, they are both great guys who are genuinely interested in helping others – Thanks.

Victor – personal trainer

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