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Do you want to get in the best shape of your life but are dealing with injuries or chronic pains that are preventing you from getting started?

Are you interested in CrossFit but you’re afraid of getting injured because you’ve heard negative things about the training?

Have you hit a plateau in your training and need to learn the details of how to achieve success?

We Can Help!

Our training philosophy and practice is centered on movement screening and proper exercise progressions.  Surprisingly this is rare in typical CrossFit facilities, large globo-gyms, and expensive boutique-style fitness studios.  That means people’s injuries or chronic pains are not being addressed or people are being trained with too much intensity too soon causing injury.

We believe you should have movement quality before training movement quantity so we have created a system that delivers appropriate and effective, performance-based strength & conditioning practices that will improve the way you move, make you 3x less-likely to get injured in daily life or competition, and increase your strength, cardiovascular endurance, and power output.

We invite you to contact us for a consultation to experience the system that sets Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning apart from anything currently offered in the lower mainland.




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