Engineered Bodies Weightlifting Club (EBWC) is the premier weightlifting club in the Tri-Cities.  Each of our weightlifting coaches are experienced NCCP certified weightlifting coaches and both coach and compete in the sport of weightlifting.   As competitive athletes in the sport of weightlifting, coach Ralph is nationally ranked, coach Adam has competed at the national level, and coach Anthony has competed at the provincial level as a masters 40-44 and will be competing at the Canadian Masters Championships.


Learn how to correctly execute the proper technique of the snatch and clean and jerk from our qualified and certified coaches who will coach and program specifically for you to be successful.   We provide you with a training environment where you’re not pressured or feeling like you have to learn the technique against the clock.  Our focus is quality before quantity and if you’re open to learning, you will reach your true potential with our process.  Our clients all started as complete beginners and through our teaching process, they have transformed into confident lifters who are keen to continue to become the best they can.  Some of them even compete!

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Our 2017 weightlifting class schedule has the largest selection of classes per week in the Tri-Cities providing you opportunities to train with our coaches every day of the week!