March 10 , 2011


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The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) developed a series of physical tests in order to determine a golfer’s physical limitation from a mobility and stability standpoint. They then correlated a golfer’s screen test results with swing faults.

We screened our High-Performance Junior golfers last weekend and created customized fitness programs for each of them based on their results. Using our prescribed corrective exercises, we’ll be able to improve their screen test scores as well as reduce the chance for them to make a particular swing fault as a result of their lack of mobility or stability.

Since the juniors are going to be entering their golf season, fitness sessions are geared toward improving then maintaining mobility, flexibility, and prevention of injuries.

Here are a couple of shot of some of the juniors sporting their new Engineered Bodies hats! Once Zibby gets his logo, we’ll get them some golf towels too.

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