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Going into our 5th year of operation in our training facility, we’ve had the honour of witnessing our clients make positive changes in their lives and achieve their personal fitness goals.  We’ve also collected valuable data on the efficacy of our training programs in regards to the training frequency, duration of training, and coach’s support for our clients.  This information has enabled us to design three revolutionary packages.

We are proud to offer the Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning – Success System!

CrossFit Package Price List 2016-07-25 (no pre-pay option)


*packages are all 6-months in duration.  We will gladly pause your 6-month membership if you go on holidays and/or work trips but you must email us and provide us with dates.

*the number of one-on-one sessions shown in each package is the total number of sessions to be used over the duration of the 6-month contract.  For example, you would have 2, one-on-one sessions total in the 6-month contract if you selected the Foundations package.

*we offer family discounts, member services discounts, and student discounts.

Foundations Success System:

This system is designed for you if you’re looking to train in primarily a group atmosphere and have intermediate experience with training.  You may have trained in globo-style fitness centres, recreation centres, or have been a member at another CrossFit box.

Essentials Success System:

This system is designed for you if you’re looking to train to a group atmosphere but may feel that you require more personal accountability and private coaching to help you succeed and reach your fitness goal.  You will receive more private coaching sessions in this system versus our Foundations Success System that you will use to help you master your training form so that you can feel confident that you’re performing all the exercises properly and safely.  You may also use these sessions to establish a training plan specific to a particular fitness goal or event like training for your first half marathon or adventure race or to get better at your sport of choice.   With our Essentials Success System, you will also have access to health coaching sessions designed to establish a nutrition plan and routine that will ensure your success.  The Essentials Success System is our most popular package to date.

Ultimate Success System:

This system is the creme de la creme of our packages and will provide you with unlimited private coaching sessions with our team.  This system is perfect for you if you have no idea what is required to reach your fitness goals both from a training standpoint and nutrition standpoint.  You are frustrated and disappointed with the lack of results from all the training systems and diets you have tried in the past.  With our Ultimate Success System, our team is your personal success team where we will do everything within our power to work with you one-on-one for as much as you want to help you every step of the way to ensure that you will finally reach the success you deserve.  If this means taking you grocery shopping so that you know exactly what you need to buy to create healthy meals then that’s what we’ll do.  We call this the Ultimate Success System for a reason.  It’s truly the Ultimate way to reach the success you dream of.

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