August 08 , 2012


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Guest post from Project: Be Healthy on a quick and healthy dinner option: salmon cakes.

When I am in a rush to get dinner on the table or there isn’t much in the fridge, salmon cakes are my “go to” recipe.  I almost always have a few cans of salmon and some sweet potatoes or yams.  I used the cilantro and dill I have growing on my balcony. This is super quick to make, especially if using canned salmon and leftover mashed potatoes.

Originally, I was inspired by Stefano Faita’s (from In the Kitchen on CBC) recipe for salmon cakes and now I’ve modified it to fit within the Paleo restrictions.  He used fresh salmon but this isn’t always available.  Sometimes I substitute canned wild sockeye salmon if fresh wild salmon is not available or it is really expensive.  If you use canned salmon, you can leave the bones in and just mash it up for added calcium, or that’s what my mom always told me.

Paleo salmon cakes

You can be creative with the “breading”.  The original recipe uses panko and parmesan but in this version I have experimented with coconut and dried pepper flakes to give the cakes some kick, and also tried crushed pecans.  I liked both but my husband preferred the coconut/pepper flakes – he likes spicy!  And the kids liked the usual panko version best.

Serve over a spinach salad with avocado or if you are not on a Paleo diet, on a bun with sliced onions, avocado, tomato, lettuce and tartar sauce.

Paleo salmon cakes

Here’s the recipe for my version of salmon cakes. Happy eating!


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