June 26 , 2011


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Here’s a video I made this morning with a few friends in mind that were running their first half marathons.  First of all huge congratulations to those people as completing a half is a great accomplishment.  Training for endurance running events isn’t all about progressively putting on mileage.  It’s also about maintaining mobility and flexibility while you train.  A good trainer should be providing you with mobility and flexibility drills for you to perform throughout your training days so you’re not suffering for days after you completed your event.

Once you’re finished your run, it’s important to properly recover so that you can get back to life and move normally (preferably without pain or discomfort).  Check out this video below and give some of these techniques a try.  We’ve seen great results with our clients when they incorporate these techniques daily (even on days they’re not running), they’re more supple, don’t complain of tightness, and can maintain proper mechanical alignment so they can quickly get back to daily life.

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